Face Polish


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      • A gentle exfoliating powder uniting some of nature’s most high-powered herbs and minerals used to buff and rejuvenate skin while keeping it calm and irritation-free, and without stripping skin of its natural protective moisture barrier.

        The unique powder formula is comprised of detoxifying, mineral-rich clay, soothing herbs, anti-bacterial essential oil and natural fruit fibres that work to dissolve build up, even skin tone and brighten your complexion.

        Recommended for: unbalanced, sensitive or dry skin.

        Target concerns: 
        + uneven texture

        Scent: light herbaceous 
        Texture: gritty, powder to paste

        Mass: 1,7 fl oz | 40ml

      • Bentonite, chamomile flowers, ground oat, apricot kernel shell, sea salt, castor seed oil, tea tree essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, citric acid.

        This product does not contain a preservative. Keep it sealed when not in use and the container dry at all times.
      • Spoon a penny-sized amount of powder into your palm and add a small amount of water to activate it into a paste. Try replacing water with a liquid cleanser for a better lather. With your finger, gently massage the paste across face and neck, concentrating on areas that need exfoliating, then rinse with warm water.

        Free of soap, micro-beads and synthetic irritants.

        Suitable for all skin types. Particularly oily, combination and sensitive skin.