Beginners Guide To A Natural Beauty Routine

Your beauty routine doesn't have to be complicated. Instead of viewing it as a tedious chore, look at it as a way to connect with yourself for a few moments every day. With the addition of Deity Skin, our products will support your natural complexion and work to enhance it.

So whether you're new to a skincare routine or just looking to improve on your own, let this be your guide on how to turn it into a self-care ritual.


Pollution, sweat, dust and bacteria all play a big roll in creating imperfections on the surface of your skin, so it's a good idea to clean your face at the end of each day. Start your ritual with a gentle cleanse and exfoliation using our Tea Tree & Poppy Seed Face Polish. Normal, oily and combination skin can do this daily, while dry and sensitive skin should opt to use it every other day, alternating with a mild cream cleanser.

With wet fingertips, massage the cleanser onto your skin using upward circular motions starting at the base of your neck and working your way to your temples. Then, from the bridge of your nose draw a heart-shape across your face with your fingertips, using light pressure and ending at your chin. Rinse clean with water when you're done.


Are you not exactly sure why you use toner? Essentially, toning your skin is the final step of cleansing and preparing your face for moisturizer. A good toner won't dry out or sting your skin while using it. Our Aloe, Rose and Frankincense Toning Mist is best used to hydrate, calm and balance your skin's natural protective layer. Spritz your face after cleansing and before moisturizing to soothe and repair dry or irritated skin and create a neutral canvas for the next step.

Ritualize the action by mindfully breathing in deeply through your nose while you spritz. The aromatic marriage of the medicinal plants used will help to brighten your complexion, calm redness and irritation and refresh the senses.


Feed your skin the essential vitamins and antioxidants found in pure plant oils that are used to correct skin imbalances and helps to regenerate your skin's ability to heal itself. Remember when we said toning prepares your skin for the next step? Well, this is it. By using our Rosehip Seed & Avocado Face Oil, your skin will absorb more of the product and receive the right amount of hydration when it's still damp. So right after toning start warming a few drops of this golden elixir between your fingertips.

To turn the process into a self-care ritual, drum your oiled fingertips across your face until the product is fully absorbed and skin feels soft. Focus patting areas of tension, like your sinuses, temples and jawline.


Every so often your skin needs a treatment boost and you need time to unwind. The best way to get both done in one sitting is by using a face mask. Our Turmeric & Activated Charcoal Face Mask soothes, brightens and detoxes the skin. The dry formula needs to be activated with fresh ingredients for you to fully treat your skin to the Deity experience. The entire process is a self-care ritual and one you'll want to do as often as possible.

To make a fresh face mask add one teaspoon of coconut water, one teaspoon of honey and yogurt respectively to one spoonful of the Deity Skin face mask powder and form a paste. Smear onto clean skin and relax for 10 - 15 minutes. Brew a cup of tea, jot down your thoughts or read the next chapter of your book.