• Deity Skin incorporates organic herbs, essential oils and plant materials to create small-batch quantities of healing beauty products inspired by age-old remedies and ancient beauty rituals passed down from generations. They give rise to the practice of self-care as a daily beauty routine and motivates clean living.

    We honour the plants used in our products by choosing them for their healing benefits only and by using them in their most pure form. By focusing on the healing and therapeutic properties that they offer, we have successfully created an innovatively simple and natural alternative to skincare that's as good for your skin as it is safe for our environment.

  • Ashleigh-Jane Denton first began working with aromatherapy and  natural wellness remedies when a desire for a cleaner and uncomplicated lifestyle became a matter of self-love and preservation.

    It was while traveling in Bali in 2015 that she made the colossal decision to commit full time to learning and growing her knowledge as a skincare formulator. Since then she has grown Deity Skin to become a caring and sustainable natural skincare range using her own personal formulas that encourage and support self-care and uplifts all types of skin naturally.

    'Deity' meaning god or goddess; a supreme being or divine nature, pays tribute to a time spent in Bali and encourages the important act of self-care.

  • We pride ourselves on creating fuss-free skincare that's simple and effective and won’t irritate the skin. We believe you deserve to know what you’re putting onto your skin every day, in the same way that you choose what you put into it. We know that every beauty ritual is a personal and unique experience, which is why we’ve created four products that are easily customizable and works to support all types of skin naturally.

    Our products are 100% vegan, respectfully sourced and are gentle enough for sensitive skin.

  • If you want to touch, smell and test our natural beauty products in person before you make your purchase, here are the places where you can go to do just that:

    Better Half & Friends 

    99 Juta Street, Braamfontein, JHB

    Selfi Concept Store

    Shop 3, 199 Loop Street, CPT




    The Strangers Club 

    1 Braemar Road, Greenpoint, CPT


    We’re always looking for inspiring retailers to stock our range nationwide. If you would like to chat wholesale, please get in touch with ASHLEIGH@DEITYSKIN.CO.ZA