• Founded in 2016 by South African skin care formulator, Ashleigh-Jane Denton, Deity Skin is the result of a desire for skincare made simply.

        We incorporate organic herbs, essential oils and plant materials to create small-batch quantities of healing beauty products inspired by age-old remedies and natural beauty rituals passed down from generations. 

        We honour the plants used in our products by choosing them for their healing benefits only, and by using them in their most pure form. We've focused on the healing benefits and therapeutic properties that they offer, and through this we have created an innovatively simple and effective alternative to commercialised skincare, that's as good for your skin as it is safe for our environment.
        Our name 'Deity Skin' pays tribute to a time spent in Bali, when the motivation to start a small-batch skincare range ran high and the vision for how it could be done was as clear as a balmy night's sky in Nusa Lembongan. 

      • Ashleigh-Jane is a skincare formulator, holding a diploma in organic skincare formulation from Formula Botanica. 

        "I first began working with aromatherapy and natural wellness remedies when a desire for a cleaner and uncomplicated lifestyle became a matter of self-love and preservation. I needed something simple and familiar, skincare that didn't compromise the planet, or promise the world and then under-deliver. So I made them myself. 

        It was while travelling in Bali that I made the decision to commit full time to learning and growing my knowledge as a formulator, which is when my journey with Formula Botanica began, in 2016.

        What I love most about plant ingredients is that time and again they reassure me that nature is enough. By allowing these natural components to shine in a formulation, to take centre stage and allow full influence over the end product, we aren't compromising on their effectiveness, and anything more is simply not necessary. 

        These products are the result of the first range that I have made with this notion in mind. They are my personal formulas and products that I use daily."

  • Our mission is to create skincare with integrity, that you can feel confident about putting on your skin, knowing that is is truly natural. Our formulations are free of synthetic ingredients like PEG's, parabens and artificial fragrance.

        With less than ten ingredients in each formulation, you can be assured that each one was consciously chosen for their healing benefits only. 
    • If you want to try and test out our natural beauty products in person, here are the places where you can go to do just that: 



      The Strangers Club 

      1 Braemar Road, Greenpoint, CPT


      We’re always looking for inspiring retailers to stock our range nationwide. If you would like to chat wholesale, please get in touch with ASHLEIGH@DEITYSKIN.CO.ZA