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On the go beauty for the holidays

So you’re traveling abroad or taking a road trip. Maybe you’re just going to the coast and sleeping in the back of your car or camping over NYE at a festival. While you forgo the majority of your habitual life, a balanced diet, a cupboard full of outfit options, for example, you don’t have to skip the best part of your beauty routine, achieving clear skin. Here’s a practical list of what you can take along with you and still do for your skin while out in the middle of nowhere without a basin or a full-length mirror at your disposal.


 - Wash your face at least once a day. If you’re packing lightly, take a face cloth and a gentle face cleanser that can remove makeup and dirt in one go. The face cloth will help to wipe away anything that the cleanser couldn't. Ideally, wash your face before you go to sleep so that you don’t wake up with any surprises, like unwanted spots.


-  A thick, hydrating moisturiser is key to keeping your skin looking and feeling its very best during the festive season. If you’re going to bed at 4AM and waking up at 10 just to do it all over again, apply a generous layer of moisturiser before bed so that you wake up looking fresh and hydrated, as if you didn’t drink 4 bottles of bubbly by yourself the night before.


 - Keep a face mist on hand and take it along for the ride if you’re road tripping in the heat. Spritz your skin whenever it's looking tired or dull to instantly brighten your complexion and freshen you up. You can even use it to clean your skin of sweat and dust throughout the day.


 - SPF is essential no matter where you are. Make sure you’re wearing it every day and become ok with the fact that you may need re-apply, especially if you’re spending entire days outdoors, on the beach or in the water. There are so many natural options on the market that can also prime skin and keep you looking matte, that are non-comedogenic, meaning they don’t clog pores and reduce redness and inflammation.


 - Lip balm could be your saving grace when you’re far away from home. A good natural emollient multi-purpose balm is what you want to take with you. You can use it on your lips, your elbows, your heels, your cuticles, your eyelids for a glossed look, a sudden dry patch or a scratch on your knee. The list goes on. It helps to shield and hydrate the skin, which in turn allows your skin to do its thing by healing and protecting itself. 

Keep all the above packed neatly into a small toiletry bag or a waterproof envelope kind of thing. It should even be able to sit comfortably in your handbag so you’ll always have it on hand no matter where you end up laying your head to rest, eventually when you do. Happy holidays!

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