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3 things to consider if you have an unexpected breakout

 Have you felt lately that you need to take your skin on a holiday post holiday? You’re not alone, the festive season brought good cheer and many tall glasses of bubbles, feasts and late nights that were too good to pass up. But now you’re paying for it with an unbalanced complexion and annoying breakouts. What can you do to get back into your beauty routine and back on track with glowing skin? Here are a few things to consider when you wake up with an unexpected breakout. 

Where are you breaking out?

The area on your body where your breakouts occur can help you to figure out what’s going on with your skin. If forehead spots are what’s keeping you from feeling your best then consider looking into your diet. This area, which also includes the brows and temples, is usually linked to your digestive system, which may indicate that you’re having a hard time breaking down certain foods, and is also directly linked to stress. Chill out. Forgo dairy, red meat, alcohol and processed foods that force your digestive system to work extra hard and replace those with leafy greens and foods naturally high in essential fatty acids, as well as fiber. Think salmon, broccoli, almonds, hemp and flax seeds and a little downtime too. Early nights and some self-care can do wonders to turn your skin around.

Breakouts on your cheeks are usually linked to allergies, pollution and not cleaning your skin well enough. Start double cleansing, first with an oil cleanser to help unclog pores and dissolve dirt, then with a water-based cleanser to make sure nothing was left behind the first round.

When did your breakout occur?

The time of month that you start getting spots is a big indicator of what is happening internally. Hormonal acne usually pops up around your chin and is hard to get rid of quickly. Be patient with yourself and use this time to pay extra attention to your skincare routine. You’re probably nearing your period or it has just ended. A breakout like this indicates hormonal changes, which are completely natural, but can also potentially be avoided by changing your pillowcase and bedding regularly, drinking enough water daily and exfoliating and moisturizing adequately to make sure pores don’t become blocked.

If you’re experiencing pesky pimples that hang around far longer than you’re comfortable with, remember to wear a non-comedogenic SPF every day to make sure they don’t leave any dark marks and scars when they finally disappear. And they will go away eventually. Don’t be discouraged.

What kind of spots are they?

Understanding your skin and your breakouts can help you to figure out the best treatment for keeping your skin clear and free of any unexpected surprises. Occasional spots aren’t a cause for concern, since they’re a lot more manageable and usually only last a few days. Blackheads and clogged pores are best fixed with a monthly appointment to your facialist, who can give your skin a deep cleanse and an exfoliating peel. Regular gentle exfoliation is key to keeping your skin healthy and hydrated.

Frequent acne and cystic acne are a little more complicated and may need more specialized treatments that’ll help with the healing process. A scar repair moisturizing cream, probiotics, herbal supplements that help to balance hormones, SPF and gentle cleansers are your go-to’s if this is your acne.

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