Deity Skin is a vegan skincare range handmade in Cape Town. We're focused on building a modern beauty routine inspired by traditional herbal remedies.

By combining a method of simplicity and artistry to the finest plant-based ingredients, we have created the new basics for your beauty routine. They're personal, easy-to-use and offer quick results. Free from synthetic ingredients, fillers and fragrance, our products are safe to use on every skin type.

The Beginner's Guide To A Natural Skincare Routine


Vegan Friendly

We work with the finest natural ingredients grown in South Africa, and steer clear of dubious synthetics, unnecessary fragrances & skin irritants.

Cruelty Free

Animal testing is not our thing. Each product has been tested by people, namely ourselves, our closest friends & family and a trial of volunteers.

Simply Formulated

Curated with less than ten ingredients in each formulation, our skincare is gentle & effective. It works to support & enhance your natural complexion.